Saturday, May 29, 2010

Swinging Along

On yet another trek through primary forests, we kept a look out for wild boars and animals bigger than a dog. We crossed teeny streams, small rivers and climbed up their steep banks that had no handholds except for tree roots, branches and volcanic rocks. While sliding through the dense bushes and trees, we were conscious that we were climbing vertically up, up and up to a vantage point known only to our guide.

We came across huge rock formations that the guide said were dead coral left behind from the ancient times when the sea came up this far inland. It did look like fossilized coral. It was really a different vista from what a city could offer. Best of all, no cellphone signal penetrate the depths. The Iridium came into good use again, together with walkie talkies. After holding the camera in hand for a while, I gave up and threw it into the backpack. Some moments were just not meant to be captured. It would be much easier to remember them than try to fiddle with the dials on the camera. I needed free hands to climb.

This was just a 4-hour trek. Not too exhausting. It was awesome climbing through dense vegetation, smelling the flora and fauna before emerging high up on the slope of the forest. Very satisfying. If we were there longer, we'd have to be decked out in proper gear, like wear hat with netting, high boots, long pants and long-sleeved shirts. The man cackled and said that it was macham jungle training during National Service all over again.

We learnt about sturdy liana, how to pick them out and importantly, how to use them. Then the man howled in triumph as he hopped on one and swung across another tiny river across to the other muddy bank.

For about 10 minutes, we felt a little bit like Bear Grylls.

I totally understand how being an adrenalin junkie feels like. If I could, I would do alot of those things I saw on tv. I've done some, but not all. There'll be more to come in the years I hope. Those things are crazy indeed, and so exhilarating.


tuti said...

wah so fun, like tarzan.
great you're both so outdoorsy.
i'll be like left behind in every bank you all cross. hehe.

JoMel said...

I wanted to say tarzan! Tuti copycat me! :D

Dawn said...

Come over - Simian will take you up Old Rag! If you like this, you'll probably like that! I'll try and brave it one more time if you come :)

imp said...

tuti + jomel: the outdoors are what make us feel alive. first, you'll gear up and have to trudge through thorns to get to the river!

dawn: ahhh! i think we might actually like it too! but i'll be a little fearful of the heights!! can i go yelling as i climb slopes?

Dawn said...

You can do whatever you want :) It's not so much a slope as a mile long rock scramble though.

imp said...

dawn: then we'll prob spend most time on all fours!

Dawn said...

Umm I did :)