Saturday, May 29, 2010

Light Dinners

There's something very satisfying about slathering pieces of brown or multi-grain bread with delicate smooth butter and then sprinkling black pepper, sea salt and dukkah onto them. To us, that mark the start of a healthy light dinner.

Out of necessity, breakfasts and lunches have been major affairs. But the meal taken before we sleep has to be a light one for now. Otherwise, I'd just feel so bloated. When we move on to another resort nearer to the city, we'd have no lack of opportunities to feast. These couple of nights, we've been feeling so damn healthy that dinners consisted of mostly salads and breads. Or fish. Minimal carbs. Perfect, I tell you.

I've 5kg to lose before hitting my ideal weight. May this trip hurtle me over that plateau and kickstart the loss of the next 5kg. The cellulite on the thighs has miraculously receded. But I've no doubt they'll be back with a vengeance the moment I'm not exercising enough. You'll see when I'm back in the office plonked on my chair for 5 hours a day.

What's more interesting now is, I'm on my way to getting those abs. The abs will hopefully last for 2 weeks. Just a little while because I'm doing a truckload of exercise. When I feel braver, I'll post a clearer bikini shot (that isn't intentionally blurred or darkened) for you to grin at. :p


tuti said...

yeah yeah abs shots comin' soon.
go gal go! climb more swing more.

JoMel said...

urgh! You making me feel so guilty - no exercise, no outdoor activity, food simply hantam, can't see any abs! Sigh.... But yeah.. don't let me stop you. I want to grin at the clear bikini shot! :P

imp said...

tuti: heh.

jomel: what happened to your Thursday gym sessions?

JoMel said...

Thursday gym?? huh?? *act blur*