Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bought Dresses

I think Mommy has a fabulous haul of arm candy from her 2 weeks in Paris. Together, Daddy and her will have a 160kg baggage allowance, but there's no way they can carry all that. It'll be insane. I'm going to arrange shipping for some of her stuff and have the man carry another batch back since he's going to fly home earlier than them. I bet that the shipped boxes will reach home before they do. Heh.

On her way back to London from Paris, Mommy gave me a very creative list of dress labels and asked for my clothing sizes. Tsk. I told her to stop shopping for me. She's insistently ignoring that. Her credit card has already sizzled lots in Paris for me. She has another 3 weeks in London. Obviously, she isn't quite done with Oxford Street, the New and Old Bond Streets. She's saving the man alot of work. Ha. The man is just gleefully meeting his parents for dinners when they're in London and doesn't have to bother about fulfilling my shopping list because his mommy has done all that! But I made the man stock up on bottles of our favorite shower gel from Boots. He has plenty of luggage space too.

For the easy ones, I simply flung open the wardrobe and jotted them down. Those are brainless because they're my favorites and I always know their current sizing and cut. For some, I just made a rough guess. But for the rest, like Pucci and Bally, I don't know those sizes. Anyway, bright and early this morning, after pilates and breakfast at Hediard, 3 girlfriends and I trotted off to the shops.

The danger in hitting the shops is in all the random distractions. I wandered into DKNY and promptly fell in love with many items. Clothes fit me so much better now. In this slimmer silhouette, I also seem to be able to wear a wider range of designs and patterns as compared to looking really disagreeable previously.

I tried 6 dresses in colors that I don't normally wear and in designs I wouldn't typically pick. Surprisingly, they didn't look too strange! I fit DKNY's Size 2! Nice! It's not that easy to find clothes made in fabrics or cut the way I prefer. A little boring, but hey, it works for me. That's probably why I stick to the same few labels. Staring at the mirror in the changing room, resistance was futile. Those bad girlfriends of mine babbling outside didn't help. I thought really hard and went home with these 3 pieces.


lovexiaolongbao said...

wooo... nice dresses. u really look like u lost ALot alot of weight man.

JoMel said...

I love the first one. I love the second one. I love the third too! Esp the colour. But I still love the first one the most! :D

Omg... I can't imagine the loot you'll be getting from Paris and London! Remember to post pictures of you happily posing with them. :)

tuti said...

love the centre dress especially!
you look good in dresses!

gerbera said...

the birkies and your pink dress. hehehehhee. i bet you'll wear it out like that too! quite cool, methinks.

imp said...

lovexlb: it's an intentional weight loss. :) I've 4 more kg to go.

jomel: i thought you won't want me to wear black again! hehehe. i'll have plenty of loot lah. but won't pose or sleep with them!

tuti: thanks! i do like dresses. they're easy to wear! mostly, i also love tees and jeans.

gebera: with flip flops. for sure.

celcilia_tjioe said...

I like the pattern of the pink one! :)

JoMel said...

I won't want you to wear black. No no no! I really like you in colours. I just prefer that black dress the most. For me, not for you! Oh.. what am I talking about?! It's yours, isn't it? :P

JoMel said...

4 more kg? You'll need a new wardrobe, Imp! (then, you can donate all these dress to me!) You look perfect already lah.

tuti said...

*stands in line wait for pass-me-downs too* hehehe.

no wait, i cannot fit in.
i would have to lose like 20 kgs to fit into those clothes! :D

ice said...

4kg? You don't need to lose anymore imp. You look fab! It's more womanly to be a little voluptuous. (:

imp said...

celcilia: dinner dress for sure!

jomel: the pink will look good on you!

tuti: AIYOH ladies, go and exercise- for your health, if nothing else.

ice: 4kg more will be acceptable! i've still got some flab that i need to prune. those curves aren't going anywhere. my body's shaped like that and won't be lean. i'd love that though!