Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Playing With Bears

I'm not particularly sure why I didn't bother to bring shampoo, conditioner or shower gel to save some weight and space, yet bothered to stuff bears into the suitcase. I suppose they act as a good layer of cushioning, sometimes. Very squishable these animals are.

I've a very strange habit of bringing a bear along wherever I travel to. It keeps me company, kinda. It doesn't whine, doesn't talk back (not really), doesn't fuss and doesn't need much attention. The best part, housekeepers have taken to placing my bears in all sorts of cute positions. Sometimes, when I come back to the room at night after the turn-down service, I find additional furry friends sitting with my bears. Some of housekeepers really have a good sense of humor.

On this trip, apples were left on the study table to greet me upon check-in. On the second night, this bear was positioned in bed with the apples next to him. The tray of apples was placed on a tiny colored silk napkin actually, along with a little tube of chocolates which wasn't featured in this photo because I had already torn the wrapping and ate up the contents. I was extremely tickled and wrote a note of thanks to Housekeeping.

Often, these are the little gestures that will make me a loyal fan of a certain hotel. Over the years, there're many I've come to prefer, simply because they've not just given me wonderful rates, but also a good standard of hygiene and most importantly, exemplary service.


=eLaiNe= said...

my house keeper is doing the same thing for me too everyday, since i bought my tatty teddy with me! will blog about it next time! these little gestures are small things that makes me happy whenever i step into my apartment. =)

JoMel said...

doesn't whine, doesn't talk back, doesn't fuss, doesn't need much attention?

Great! Can I exchange one of the kids for a furry brown bear pls? Anyone?

b.muse said...

They only don't talk back cos they scared you leave them at home next time. ;p

But yes, very cute gestures! =)

imp said...

elaine: exactly! isn't that the sweetest thing?!

jomel: wahahha. now you know why i've bears. you could exchange one of the kids for my bear for 28hrs, including bedtime and sleep. :p

b.muse: what nonsense! they're absolutely spoilt.

Dawn said...

You squish your bears? I'm calling Bear Services on you.

JoMel said...

28 hrs!? Hmm.. sounds too good to be true. I think you meant 2.8hrs! :P

sinlady said...

isn't it so comforting when housekeepers do something unexpected and nice. almost like reaching out to the occupant of room which he/she would never see. i also always leave a note to let them know their gestures are appreciated :)

imp said...

jomel: i can do 28hours lah. of which they'll spend 10hrs sleeping, i hope!

dawn: they're MADE TO BE SQUISHED.

sinlady: exactly. it's so nice when i see them go the extra mile. often, i leave tips along with the note for them (+ email later to their bosses. Not infrequently, the tip gets returned with another note from them. very nice people.