Monday, May 03, 2010

I Love Salted Eggs + Their Yolk

At a random cafe in one of those giant malls when we hopped in for lunch, I was very very taken by this jagung goreng dengan telur asin. Actually, my new favorite things are these kepiting and udang fried in salted egg yolk. They're so tasty. Yummzzz. I'm not so interested in the actual meat, but more focused on the salted egg yolk.

Since I tried it once earlier this year during the Chinese New Year period in a Chinese coffeeshop zi char version of prawns in salted egg yolk, I was totally in love with that egg yolk thing. The first time I've ever had it in my life. That time, I literally sucked the salt off the prawns, leaving the prawns uneaten and untouched, kinda. The meat within holds no attraction. It's the fried layer above that contains all the gems!

Don't even ask about the calories. I didn't bother. I just scooped up all the golden corn niblets and ate them all up. I probably finished like half the plate, leaving very little for the colleagues whom I decided shouldn't be eating such high cholesterol thingies. Ha.


celcilia_tjioe said...

Have u ever tried squid in salted egg yolk, Imp? It is totally divine as well!

Do refer to my the pic's link below

tuti said...

haha, easy to please, at times. :P

Pebbles said...

Try Salted Egg Yolks with Crab! Wah! *slurp*

imp said...

celcilia: yup! cumi! i like that very much!

tuti: haha.

pebbles: i don't eat crab coz i'm not fond of it, so i just end up slurping the egg yolk off it the shell or something. they've the salted egg yolk with soft shell crab though. that's kinda interesting.

JoMel said...

me too! I love salted eggs + their yolk! And I especially love the yolk in glutinous rice dumpling (bak chang). YUM!

imp said...

jomel: i strangely don't like them in mooncakes of bak zhang. i like them like this, or in porridge.