Sunday, May 02, 2010


We went to The Grand Duck King so that the colleagues who liked durian could try the 'durian goreng spesial'. We sped through dinner and went straight for the desserts which sounded so good. But there was only one thing on the colleagues' minds- durian.

Apparently, that fried durian thingy (warm) and the durian pancakes (cold) were really good. They said the end results weren't too cloying, had a bit of a bitter tinge and went really well with some cream. They couldn't convince me to have more than a bite. I simply couldn't! I kinda held my breath. Heeeee.


Anonymous said...

*DROOL*! i don't care for the warm one but the cold durian pancake sounds (and looks) yummilicous!!!!! wish i could teleport myself back immediately!

Anonymous said...

oh just realised the restaurant is in indo not sg.

JoMel said...

cold durians ok. warm? er.. pass! :D

celcilia_tjioe said...

Oh now u make me miss Duck King..
and the fried durian! My last time there was a month ago.

imp said...

D: plenty of durians in south east asia wherever!

jomel: heeee.

celcilia: i think you're planning a visit soon!

tuti said...

er.. if burp later during meeting how? hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi - I've been following ur blog for a while and reading abt ur travel and foodie expeditions is thoroughly enjoyable. Thought I'd finally comment lest u think u have a stalker! :)

I'm a Malaysian female living in jakarta - and you will be amazed at how great Japanese food here is. Check out Kinokawa for their omakase (check with hotel - I forget the name of building) and Tsukinofune at Ambhara Hotel for its less fine, more street Japanese food.

Enjoy the rest of ur stay here!


imp said...

tuti: hahaha. i'd be burping in my sleep only! should have digested by the time of my first meeting!

k: hello! very nice of you to leave a comment! if i can sneak out in the evenings on my own, i'll certainly go try Kinokawa!