Sunday, May 02, 2010

Staring Out Of The Window

So there were demonstrations along the roundabout all of yesterday and this morning. All the issues and speeches broadcast over loud hailers this weekend had to do with the betterment of workers' welfare. I checked out the photos and videos the colleagues' took and marvelled at how Jakarta took these peaceful demonstrations in its stride, notwithstanding the road closures and long traffic jams. How on earth does this city function?

I'm not curious enough to get out to explore the city. I'm a little tired. And it's damn hot. I'm done with shopping too. I'd rather rest before the full impact of work hits tomorrow. I didn't mind sitting by the window for a bit to watch the world go by. Surprisingly, I didn't bother with coffee. I just wanted a quiet lunch and a pot of hot tea.

It's sometimes ironic that I get the most rest during work trips. Sure, I'm on the internet alot because it's really fascinating. But I multi-task. I watch alot of programmes on Discovery Channel too. Quite a good deal, really. To top it off, I sleep earlier and I'm unfettered by the need to fulfill the usual commitments.


JoMel said...

you are in Jkt AGAIN? :P

The traffic jams - There is only one flight a day that leaves JKT for my home, and that's the 6am flight. You would've thought that you can work out the time, leave for the airport just in time for the one-hr check-in. But no! Still gotta leave for the airport extra early, just in case there is traffic congestion. Yes, at 3-4AM?!

Well, try to stay away from areas with demonstrations. keep safe and take care.

celcilia_tjioe said...

We here in Medan also have those kind of demonstration.
For those who work at industrial area will be attending to office 1 or 2 hours later, starting from Saturday, as well as tomorrow in anticipation of the labor's demonstration. U take care and stay far from those demonstrators.

imp said...

jomel: yup! again. tell me about the traffic. it's crazy. your flight timing is seriously unkind.

celcilia: woah. in medan too? i'll be fine. you gotta take care and stay away too.

tuti said...

ah yes, stay a safe distance. there is so much unrest all over the world. and disasters too. good not to read the news sometimes. :pp

Missy P said...

The demo is every week affair...the local got used to it...u were at Soho I believe,nice place to chill...even at night...wish SG there is something like that

imp said...

tuti: i'm just that little bit tempted to go take a look closer. :p

missyP: soho? no leh. i was just at the hotel lobby cafe. i keep seeing demonstrations on the weekends and public holidays!