Thursday, June 03, 2010

The Book's A Little Heavy

An island vacation is the best time to catch up on all those books I've been buying and cast aside on the shelf.

I picked out Chris Bachelder's Bear V. Shark. It's a brilliant satire on our media-saturated society and media-driven consumer culture.

I'm very taken by the 2 quotes the author had selected to be placed right at the front, before the preface. Separately, they would mean so much. Put together, they give a whole new dimension to the concept of depression.

The first quote from King Henry VI, Part III, read- "Lord Clifford says, 'The smallest worm will turn being trodden upon.' "

The second quote below from Kurt Vonnegut Jr. said, " 'This is meant to be optimistic, I think, but I have to tell you that a worm can be stepped on in such a way that it can't possibly turn after you remove your foot.' "

I took quite a while to finish the book. A good 2.5 hours. I kept looking up and over the yonder at the ocean. The sound of the crashing surf was seriously conducive to some heavy thinking. Purely theoretical and philosophical of course. The book provided me lots of food for thought.

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tuti said...

love those two quotes.

if the worm snaps into two, it will also double in strength. heehee.