Thursday, June 03, 2010

Metis Again

After a painful ride streaked with traffic jams from Uluwatu to Seminyak, we had dinner early at Metis at 6.30pm, when all the humans hadn't quite hit the place yet. It was really enjoyable to eat in relative peace and quiet. Metis is exhibiting a fantastic hum by now. It was fully booked that evening. They required our table to be returned at 8.30pm. If you plan to dine at Metis, reservations are definitely necessary.

While not all the items on the food were a hit with me, I didn't mind some of them. I was thrilled to see white asparagus on the menu that evening. That would be our last fix before the season ended. It was lightly boiled and came along with white sauce that didn't mar the delicate taste.

The man ordered a plate of this 10-hr slow roasted pork belly with crispy skin. I couldn't bring myself to even taste it. But it really looked and smelt much much better than the babi guling produced by Ibu Oka, which wasn't quite to our taste. The man chewed on it and declared it better than Otto's. That butter mash which accompanied the dish was excellent.

Needless to say, the Bambu lobster ravioli featured for appetizers. I simply love how the restaurant does this dish. I was really happy with our well-grilled mains of a giant seafood platter which included the softest pieces of squid, juicy lobsters, jumbo prawns and plenty of vegetables.

We ate so much that I fell into a bit of a food coma. The stomach definitely wondered why the meal sizes got jumbled up these couple of evenings. It was good that we didn't do alot of carbs. But the sheer amount of food at dinner, compared to the salads last week, was a little bit of a shock.

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