Thursday, June 10, 2010

By The Bay Window

The girlfriend has headed off for a run and stretches at the gym. I get me-time with the Mac and magazines. The Bose dock's quite decent with the sound and it's shuffling cool chillout picks. Light lunch and rest for the afternoon is wonderful. The tired body is glad that it doesn't have to run around or be injected with caffeine. Nothing better than rest to totally drive away the flu bug.

Today, a steady drizzle covered the island. At this moment, the skies have cleared for some semblance of sunset. The hotel overlooks Victoria Harbor. Luxury is being able to quietly sit by the bay window to watch the boats sail across against the horizon's deepening hues. Last week, I saw sunsets in a different sort of setting; also an island, but nowhere as sophisticated as this one.

I'd love to sip a rich single malt now. But I'm not supposed to irritate the throat and take so much alcohol to drown out the effects of the meds. I'm getting a little hungry. In a while, it's time to shower and dress for dinner. Gotta remind myself not to be too enthusiastic about the wine too. The girlfriend is so thrilled about the idea of wine that I'm fairly sure she can do a full bottle all by herself. After all, she doesn't need to drive, and has been wanting a drink. Perfect time and place for a tipple. Even though it's a posh nosh French restaurant, I'm hoping for a merlot or a pinot noir.

Tomorrow, I see the girls for a full day out. I've been promised good coffee and delicious wonton noodles. I can't wait to see them. We're headed out to nowhere and everywhere. I'm so excited! I might not be able to sleep tonight! Heh.


wildgoose said...

You've been travelling a lot. Take care and keep yourself well hydrated.

imp said...

wildgoose: i will. thanks! hope you had a good long break.