Saturday, June 05, 2010

The Cliffs

Uluwatu's dangerous cliffs and huge waves are a sight to behold. No wonder the man keeps skipping around and making plenty of references to Lost. He has watched the finale. He thinks it's very good. Don't ask me why- ask him. He says it's very philosophical. (But of course, check out all the names and their mythical/philosophical references.)

Neither of us have any film-making genes. So like what the friend said, we should have shot a mini video of our version of Lost as we clamber through jungles and sea cliffs. Too bad I don't own a video camera. And no, I'm not using my DL4 or GrD to record any moving pictures.

It's rather hypnotic to just stare out at the clouds, the great blue and the cliffs. I stood there for a good 45 minutes without realizing how much time has passed. Such is the luxury of a beach vacation. I don't have to wear a watch. The sky's always sunny enough for me to tell the time.

I'm reminded how much I love Asia. Unlike other friends who zoomed off to Europe and Australia for their gap year/s, my travel destinations of choice was to backpack along the old Silk Road and Indo-China. I'm very comfortable in London and New York City, but those places have never induced a serious desire to stay longer. I've always been drawn to the intricacies of the east and the differences between cultures and ethnic groups. Between pursuing further studies in another city and volunteering in a village in SEA (or a charitable organization in Singapore), I'll take the latter.

I've always been strangely attracted to Southeast Asia and the exotic Central Asia. To paraphrase Samuel Johnson, quoting what Tony Parsons had written in a recent article, I say, "No Sir, when a man is tired of Asia, he is tired of life".


epithet said...

there's always the great debate of one living in the west or the east. would we have been better off in sgp? i shrug. i dunno. i've been too used to the west to stay in the east again. that culture shock, must be as great as any possible.

sinlady said...

strange and inexplicable, our sense of where we belong or will be happiest in. i love the middle east...

imp said...

epithet: whatever that tickles your fancy. totally individual preferences anyway.

sinlady: that's one place i've never fathom. intriguing though.