Saturday, June 05, 2010

Being Me

One thing I'm going to sorely miss, is being able to hang out in flip flops all day and put on clothes that are distinctly me. I'm happiest in casuals.

The thing about hanging out within the premises of the resort is, I can wear whateverthehell I want, with no concern for cleavage, appropriateness or color. But okay, I'll still want to be matchy matchy. The body is not ideal for displaying loud prints or flowery patterns.

I had a little difficulty in deciding which resort to stay at because they all promise to be nothing short of splendid. In the end, history and a resort's genuine and obvious commitment to corporate social responsibility- the environment and local charity causes, tipped the scales and sealed the decision. Alila Villas Uluwatu met all expectations, and exceeded some in many aspects.

That's something magical about staying at a beautiful, quiet resort with very well trained staff who are discreet and professional, exhibiting genuine warmth and a service-oriented mindset. At the prices the resorts charge, I expect nothing less of them. I'm very fastidious and exacting about personal comfort (on all levels) on vacations. There're items I can compromise on and others that are non-negotiable. The level of service is beyond excellent. I've been suitably impressed.

I thank my lucky stars that I haven't run into garish and rude people. The architecture of this property, the branding and colors are very elegant and private. Other guests who I occasionally meet at breakfast, are stylish, subtle and cultured. These are all seriously soothing to my sense of aesthetics.

It's been a spectacular vacation. The man and I have found much peace in the activities done and the sights soaked in. Phenomenal. There's a sense of timelessness, of total relaxation. I'm happiest at the beach or near the sea.


epithet said...

you said it! if you pay for a certain standard of service, it has to be at that standard, or more. glad you enjoyed this long trip babe. all beaches this year and no cities?

JoMel said...

*wolf whistles*

tuti said...

you are so pretty!!!!!
hehe. that's all i wanna say.

Anonymous said...

you look hot babe! you have truly succeeded in trimming yourself down so beautifully! argh!!!! i must learn from your determination!

imp said...

epithet: i did all the cities last year. really don't mind doing all beaches this year. it's rather nice.

jomel + tuti: aiyoh. i is normal only lah.

d: it's just 'holiday' glow- sunkissed (a little burnt) look. i'm sure you can do it. step up the exercise and cut down on unnecessary carbs and sweets.

b.muse said...


I can practically feel the happy holiday vibes radiating from the pic!

imp said...

b.muse: holiday vibes will go poof the moment i step into office. ha. already, my laptop annoyed me by locking me out of entry by one channel.