Saturday, June 05, 2010

Lamb Tagine

The resort's dining in-villa dining menu offers a whole host of yummies and also tagines in different meats. There're options of beef, chicken and lamb. The man is determined to try them. There're days when we simply stay in to enjoy the quietude, so of course we'll have meals in.

One lunch, he picked the lamb because it looked the most interesting in how the menu promised it to be authentically Moroccan, whereas the chicken would be steeped in red wine and the beef was a normal stew. I simply wanted a smoothie. Heh. Boring I know, but I'm not doing anything that warrants a great deal of energy.

When the servers brought in the trays of food, the entire selection smelt great. I took a bite of the lamb tagine. It was frankly, delicious. The cut of meat used was lamb shoulder. It didn't taste rich or meaty; instead, it was dainty and fully flavored with all the spices. When I drizzled the gravy over the couscous that came along with it, it made for a very satisfying meal. Except I didn't like the fact that they used instant couscous. The instant mixes produce this strange eeky strong taste that doesn't do the semolina flour any justice.

Before we leave Bali, the man is having it for lunch again. He really likes this dish. I spied him surfing online for receipes to lamb tagine, bookmarking sites and extracting exciting portions into word documents. He has this look on his face. I know! He's definitely going to re-create this at home.


JoMel said...

I laughed at "He has this look on his face"... Whenever I wanted to do something and is like super excited inside, though I might not show the excitement, the hubs would say that to me, "you have that look on your face!" hahahaha..

That lamb tangine looks sooooo yummy! I wish I know where to go for something like that! I want it now!! for dinner, tonight!!!

sinlady said...

home-cooked lamb tajine!! now you have to shop for the whatyamightcallit tajine crockery?

imp said...

jomel: hahah! the look that tells each other what you're really thinking!

sinlady: we'll have to! the tajine. we don't have that. but more for serving purposes rather than real cooking maybe. we have other pots that can do this.