Saturday, June 05, 2010

Feeling Insecure

While the villas have been fabulous, they're sorely lacking in security features. Yes yes, it's the open concept and all to fully utilize the potential of the surroundings and scenery. The forests and dense vegetation surrounding the properties are deterrent to well, all sorts of nasty elements. But it doesn't completely stop purposeful nasty business.

You know how I never live on landed property because beefing up security features and sorting out infra-red perimeters will just kill me. The first thing I do in any new location is to eyeball the escape routes and exits, and double-check the doors and windows. At the villas, I'm still a little uneasy because the locks aren't exactly that secure. I'm not that trusting of the general good nature of humans.

For that reason alone, I'm not keen to reveal villa numbers or length of stay to our guides, no matter how friendly and earnest they are. I'm not even comfortable with staff at the resorts knowing my exact whereabouts at any given time of the day either. At these villas, the staff know us by name and recognize us on sight, immediately pegging our likes and dislikes and the day's itinerary. I'm a little uncomfortable with that. Since I have plenty of things I want to do on any given day, I prep an initial list and instructions for the concierge and butler. Then I mark out areas that I could shift around and change without causing too much trouble. Gut instinct works well. If I don't feel right about a particular item, I'd change it. I'm not unreasonable, but rather demanding. :)

The one thing I always insist on, is comprehensive coverage for travel insurance which borders on obsession. Whoever travels with me can effectively ignore this portion because my paranoia covers for all of us. Heeeheeee. I'm mindful that only I, am in the best position to account for personal safety in the areas of the activities I do or dictated by the circumstances or location. I travel too often to underestimate the possible dangers.

I'm in the wrong industry. I should work for a security company.


epithet said...

???!!!! Can't you just chill and relax instead of thinking about being murdered in your sleep? you're a worrywart impie.

JoMel said...

no wonder I need so many points of contact... :P

imp said...

epithet: hehehe. i have my idiosyncracies!

jomel: hahahhaha. actually, yah hor, it's like, for MY peace of mind rather than yours. :p

Belinda Lee said...

hahaha....I can so relate to this! And everyone thinks I'm odd/paranoid/weird! Once we were at a similar resort....I heard some noises outside @ around 3 am....I was certain someone was lurking around and F had to turn on a light, show his silhouette against the draped glass windows and pretend he had a 'weapon'! This went on for about 10 minutes till I was certain the 'intruder' had left! Yah...I'm totally with you where security is've been to our will die laughing when you hear how I'd call the police every night whenever I heard the dogs barking and saw them all facing a certain direction when we first moved in! I'm embarassed about that now :=))

imp said...

belinda: i totally understand! i'd sometimes lie in the dark listening to the ambient sounds. only if i'm satisfied that nothing pricked the hairs on my neck, then i fall asleep. heh.