Friday, June 04, 2010

Heading To The Spas

There're so many spas in Bali that one is rather spoilt for choice. It's entirely the individual's decision what sort of treatment and at level of luxury she would like to have, and there's always a spa to suit the requirements. I used to enjoy massages at the beach under the sun. Older and with the skin a little drier, I've learnt that I don't do so well in non-airconditioned rooms. In air-conditioning, I need the temperature to be set at precisely 25 degrees celsius.

On this trip, there're a couple of spas that I've managed to tick off the list. The villas at Banyan Tree Ungasan are full for some of my intended dates of stay, but they're able to accommodate me for a morning at their spa. So I was happy to hop over for a massage. For many reasons, I decided against staying at The Bulgari Resort, but I didn't mind a hair and body session at its spa villas.

One of my favorites is the The Mango Tree Spa, but I'm not able to grab a preferred timeslot. What's more, I'm not exactly thrilled about the 1.5hrs to 2 hrs ride up to Ubud so many times. On one of the trips cutting through to the city centre, I noticed that L'occitane seems to be setting up a stand-alone spa at Jimbaran Bay. An old favorite of mine is the spa at the Ayana (previously The Ritz Carlton). I trust that spa to do facials. Of course I must return to try out this new experience. The spa doesn't disappoint. The therapists are still very good. I whiled away a ridiculously languid afternoon there.

Although the Balinese massage is still too gentle even on days I request for stronger pressure, I love the pampering. The hours simply melt away into a puddle of relaxation. It's quite inconceivable that I could spend 4.5 hours letting my mind wander, not asleep and doing absolutely nothing.


ame said...

i want too!

=eLaiNe= said...

i still remember the Balinese massage that we had last year..too nice! miss it!=)

imp said...

ame: you'll get one soon enough!

elaine: it's really relaxing!