Friday, June 04, 2010

Stretching Out The Body

My core strength has always existed, thanks to years of training in gymnastics and ballet. Once I lose this recent flab and all the unnecessary weight, it's easier to work the external obliques and shape up the rectus abdominis. While I've incredibly strong back muscles that still allow me to do cartwheels and flips, the lower body strength is just not quite there.

It's probably because I'm not very good at running. In judo classes, due to my smaller size, I've never been ambitious about the kicks. It's always about darting around and shoving, utilizing the existing upper body strength to subdue the opponent then execute wonderful kicks with less chance of recovery.

The thigh muscles have been thoroughly prodded, pulled and stretched on this trip. (Stop thinking naughty dirty thoughts! Nothing to do with anything!) This muscle group loses flexibility easiest, especially the adductors. I keep forgetting to focus on them. Being able to do splits doesn't mean the inner thigh muscles are strong. They must be kept supple.

I've never been able to do a right split. I can only do a left and a center. I can't quite shift comfortably from center to right. It's the same as how I begin cartwheels to my left and some flips with the left foot. Okay, it's like how I play hockey and golf with left hand clubs. Since I've plenty of time on this trip, I've been doing all sorts of splits while reading, 'relaxing' and watching stuff on Discovery and AFC. Trust me, that suspended split is the most painful of all.

By today, I've no more issues with splits. Perfect pain. The muscles are now very well oiled.


sinlady said...

i am impressed with your dedication to working the body :)

tuti said...

i would love those back muscles.

imp said...

sinlady: it's well, vanity. :p

tuti: allocate some time to work out. at least as we get older, we won't get so backaches too often.