Friday, June 11, 2010


I didn't bother with breakfast at the hotel. There's so much good food around the city that a staid morning buffet isn't necessary. It can't be more interesting than what the little streets have to offer.

Bright and early I got up to potter around, check out the news feeds, eagerly awaiting the girls to pick me up! I haven't seen them for some time and it's so exciting to meet in Hong Kong!

We went to Pumpernickel for breakfast. I left it to the girls to select and pick out what to eat. When the warm bread baskets arrived on the table, the smells were intoxicating. There were many slices of good bread. Light and tasty, the slices of blue cheese, yoghurt and cheese, and pumpernickel were fabulous. Very European, very well baked.

The breads are really tasty. Now, if only they serve Lurpak, that will be ideal. Good butter always brings out the best in breads. I ate so much. Not a problem since we walked all day, burning off all those calories. The sun was out! So much better than a dreary drizzle. Hot, but not as humid as Singapore. I was as pleased as a fish in water. Like I said, I do very well in heat.

Of course we didn't leave without some good strong coffee. It wasn't so much of keeping awake. (For one girl, it was- she slept only 2 hours the night before!) It was more of wanting to taste that aromatic bitterness, chat and savor the passing of time.


sinlady said...

looks yums :) looks properly continental :):)

imp said...

sinlady: very much so. i was pleasantly surprised.