Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Beer & Mussels

Brussels Sprouts at Robertson Quay must be one of the easiest places for us to hop into any night to chill out. Good location and not-too-bad casual vibes. It's got beer and mussels, what's not to love. We could re-create the same thing at home, especially with the mussels and stock, but I don't want to wash up. The cleaning up for a big group will be horrendously exhausting. So off to a cafe we went.

It was a cool night and all good to sit out in the open. Humans hopped in one by one and made a noisy ruckus of laughter and conversation. These friends are always fun. I was glad that I didn't hide away at home and came out for a breath of fresh air. Strangely, nobody at the table was hungry. We wiped out 5 pots of mussels and clams. There was plenty of fries. Of course everything was washed down with a crateful of beer.

Come midnight, the rest went off to karaoke at some place in Marina Square. KARAOKE. That's a word I run away from nowdays! Eeeeeeps! What kind of mousey Air Supply and Mariah Carey songs were they going to do?! They refused to tell me what went on that night beyond a one-liner of "Embarrassing and really loud." Fine! Hahahaha. Keep your secrets! I've got a wonderful sort of imagination that will conjure up matching images which are fairly close to the events of the night!


zewt said...

robertson quay eh... hmmm...

imp said...

zewt: YUP! Good casual place. Most of it is open-air though. Hot, but quite chillax.