Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pulling It Off Nicely

I had forgotten about a work event held at the office in the late afternoon. I had promised to go, so I stayed on to say hi to some familiar faces and check out the happenings.

There was alcohol. There was this blue-ish cocktail going around. I eyed it rather suspiciously. There was NO WAY that it could be Blue Lagoon. There would not be vodka in this one. I wasn't quite willing to try it. It could only be Blue Curacao and & 7-Up or Sprite.

There was wine, red and white flitting about. I took one teeeeeeny sip and left it aside. Tart, young and only good as a sangria base, it wouldn't even make it to my kitchen as cooking wine. UGH. Sorry for the bluntness, whoever chose the wine, the S$19.90 per bottle budget isn't going to get an average bottle in the little red dot! All the better. I drank water instead. Since I've been accused of being 'high maintenance', I'd go further to add that this water had no lemon slices in it; pity it wasn't sparkling. :p

I enjoyed the sounds of the harp. Quite melodious and non-grating. It sang fine. The harpist took ALOT of musical liberties with the sentimental ballads though, stopping some of the songs halfway to lead into another totally different. Hehehehe. Whatever. It added a classy touch to the evening.

The team who organized the event worked really hard that day. As far as I knew, they had three major things happening on this same day, starting with a 7 am run-around-the-hawker-centres to buy breakfast for the entire organization and ending only at 7.30 pm after this event. I've no idea how they pulled it off. I wouldn't have cared so much about the organization. It's a thankless job, really. So, nicely done, people, I appreciated it.

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