Sunday, September 19, 2010

Russian Circles

Like I said earlier, 2010 is a great year for the indie gig scene. So many bands are coming through and I'm thrilled to be able to catch so many bands. Nursing a single malt and bobbing to The Album Leaf at TAB 2 weeks ago brought a really chill note to the weekend.

Last night, after a good lead-up by In Each Hand A Cutlass, Russian Circles blew my ears out with the sheer volume and intensity of their soundscapes. Their soundscapes were grand, earth-shattering and delicate all at the same time. It was awesome to stand and feel the music wash over my whole being like a giant tidal wave. The layers and layers of sounds incited this high that no alcohol could. There was a certain sort of violence in there that made me think of striding through an epic battlefield with a battle-axe and a black war stallion. I felt ALIVE.

What a fabulous gig. We adjourned for a quiet chat and some chow, and somehow, stupidly allowed ourselves to be dragged back to Zouk. That was the downer from the high. Since my Saturday already started on the wrong footing, I should have gone home chirpy, happy and thrilled from the early evening whisky and champagne. Instead the night ended with me chugging bottled water for the next 4 hours, stifling an urge to punch humans in the face, annoyed and sianzzz. Remind me never to go to Zouk again for any sort of outing beyond catching a gig. WTF. I'm 32, not 23. I don't fucking need to prove anything by staying on for after-parties which don't exactly require my presence. Too old for all the drama and shite.

So besides the man, who else is having a hangover? I'm perfectly fine, except for the some parts where I'm still feeling pissed off.

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