Thursday, October 07, 2010

Browsing At The Bookstore

A jaunt to the bookshop also saw a somewhat work-related sort of book come home with me. It’s not a topic that usually interests me. But I was in a strange sort of mood which saw me eat 2 scoops of gelato from Gelatissimo for dessert. So why not books on these ‘strange’ topics.

The content in this book isn’t anything new. Mind-mapping, facilitation of meetings and all. I don’t know, but I expect a lot of people our age in the industry to have undergone various forms of general training on these ‘competencies’. But this book has got a structure that makes the chapters come across in a rather appealing fashion. The writing is fairly concise and the author has put across the not-new ideas very well, reinforcing certain concepts and inspiring others. Quite interesting.

I’m not the type of learner who would sit still in a classroom and download, not even if the content is interactive. I dislike that sort of ra-ra training because it takes a lot out of me. I’m NOT enthusiastic like that. It’s very very annoying to be drafted to be join a class that emphasizes on an ‘interactive’ session. I DON’T like interacting with classmates nor do I enjoy group discussions. I find it intrusive. In university, I opted out of group projects, preferring to do individual assignments. That way, I can control my scores. Teachers, I’m your nightmare. I behave best in a lecture with minimal participation required and keeping up with the readings after, or with a book and internet resources which will include youtube tutorials.


sinlady said...

oh, i am the same way about ra ra interaction in class/with class too :)

kikare said...

I wish I have that option. Doing group work with free riders, egoists and aliens is erosive to my well-being.

imp said...

sinlady: we're the anti-social brigade

kikare: i know exactly what you mean. i detest group work with a vengeance.