Friday, October 08, 2010

One Final Meal Together In Jakarta

On this final work day of the week, we were hosted to an epic lunch at Grand Duck King. I was damn glad that I didn't eat breakfast beyond fruits and juice. Ditched the coffee at the hotel because it really sucked.

The photos here don't even show half the dishes we had. There were plenty of dishes at lunch. Prawns, soups, dim sum baskets and MORE! Quite standard Hong Kong style Chinese food, but I love the additional spices that mark it uniquely Indonesian. The food is rather good!

The duck and the chicken looked lean and nicely roasted. They were soaked in oil. Looking really tasty. But I gave it a pass and concentrated all my stomach space on the fish, broccoli and cumi!!! I like cumi when it's well done. This one was lightly grilled and still juicy. The sambal that came along with it was da bomb. Washed it all down with 2 thick glasses of jus alpukat. Glorious.

None of us wanted dessert. But of course the colleagues were most interested in the durian goreng. They decided to eat it like a main savory dim sum thingy. Some like it hot and some like it cold. But whichever way, it's quite yummy, they said. I no like durian, so my portions were given to the colleagues who ate up every last bit!

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