Friday, October 08, 2010

Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta

Do not even ask how I ended up at Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta. By golly, I haven't stepped into any HRC for eons. Hey, it was just dinner, okay. It's not uncool as a dinner venue....umm...right? A light beer Bintang was my choice of drink for the night. Too much alcohol from the previous nights already. Without good strong shots of caffeine to last me through these few days that began at 7am, I'm only relying on adrenalin from the intense pilates stretches in the mornings to get me through.

Service was so bloody prompt that I was a little bowled over. Drinks appeared within 3 minutes of our order. That huge plate of nachos arrived in 4 minutes; the rest of the food came in 10 minutes. I didn't mean to count, but the speed was amazing.

I loved the nachos. Awesome stuff. Couldn't say the same about the fish and chips. Decent oil and flour used for the deep fryer. But that fish held a strong muddy taste that couldn't be ignored in spite of the thick dabs of mayo and chilli sauce. I dumped the fish, ate the chips and cleaned the plate of nachos.

The house 'DJ' played MTVs on the projector and plasma screens. I forgave the uncool factor of HRC when they put on John Mayer and Kings of Leon. There was Audioslave, The Police, The Killers, and oh dear, they also had Jason Mraz. Eiooowwww. Anyway, the company definitely didn't know rock music and I didn't see it fit to add on to their random comments. I was busy stuffing nachos in my mouth just so I wouldn't be able to make bitchy remarks. It was all I could do not to die laughing from the mere fact that I was sitting in Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta.

The resident band comes on at 10pm. I was a tad curious about it. But after Prost Beer House and Rossi, I decided that it would be better should stay in for the night and watch telly. Shark Week beckoned on Discovery at 9pm. So I scooted back to the room really quickly.

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