Saturday, October 09, 2010

Some Luck In The Shopping

We were supposed to get a birthday present for the man’s Dad way earlier than this. But the boutiques in Singapore don’t stock the item. We hopped into a couple of shops and didn’t find it at all. It was clear that we had to pick another present.

So I decided to try searching for it in the malls of Jakarta. I thought I’d have better luck, as exemplified by all other items I had wanted but not stocked in the boutiques at home, and I found them here on the last trip. Shopping with a purpose is much easier as I simply run through the shops very quickly rather than lingering to waste time.

True enough. A jaunt to Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia got me what I wanted, and more! This boutique didn’t just stock the item. They carried the exact specifications we wanted. And they presented a selection of tea and served the chosen earl grey piping hot while I was waiting to sign the bill. Such considerate service. Yay. It’s now a belated present, but well, I’m just happy that we got the birthday boy something he needs than to substitute it for something else, or worse, buy yet another camera or lens to add to his growing collection.

Then there were random other things at the rest of the boutiques that were worth checking out- like a shade of a pouch in a color I haven't seen in Singapore or at DFS. Not for myself! The other stuff are procured for the girlfriends who asked me to take a look!

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