Saturday, October 30, 2010

Goodbye Luang Prabang

This is the view I've been waking up to all week. It's tranquil and so very beautiful. I've always had a soft spot for Luang Prabang. I fell in love with the little town then and am still in love with it now. Although I can't imagine how I survived those months without much internet access!

Service at the hotel might be a little lacking, but it's very earnest and sincere. We should relax a little and follow their way. I forgave every hiccup, even when they gave me the wrong keys to the 2 locks to my room. Be nice here even when complaining and they'll be more inclined to help. Especially when I need their kindness in dragging a bloody heavy yellow box to and fro the front porch without the aid of any trolleys.

At the end of the week, in spite of bruising the bum on a leap over the balcony, breaking my key in the lock to the door of my room; tripping rather badly over a random square pot which poked a hole in my foot and bled for an hour, I'm still feeling rather chirpy.

I found a very sweet isolated spot in the resort for my morning stretches. The cool and crispy morning air and lower temperatures meant a very conducive environment for longer and deeper stretches. This morning's session was just perfect. It's a Saturday and I've very little on my mind. This feels almost like a vacation. :)


tuti said...

you parkour-ing over a balcony ah? *sweats*
double sweat over that hole in your foot!! *faints*
hope you're all good now.

Cool Insider said...

Its good to be disconnected once in a while and to take the time to really explore one's environment. Your descriptions of Laos from a work trip alone sounds like its definitely worth a visit. I was due to visit Laos in an ASEAN trip a couple of years ago with my colleagues too, but unfortunately, I wasn't well then and had to miss it.

Of course, going on your own for a real holiday is so much more fun.

imp said...

tuti: i'll be okay in a bit. scab has formed already!

coolinsider: once in a bit definitely. i make the best out of my work trips. :) they're all memories too. ASEAN trips are a good introduction to discover our neighbors.

celcilia_tjioe said...

Ouchh!! Bled for an hour?? It must be painful! Luckily u are all fine now..

imp said...

celcilia: it wasn't too bad. my shoes didn't touch the affected part. it hurts a little when i full knee length boots. otherwise, it's okay. thanks!

corsage said...

Wow in my mind I didn't imagine it to be as tranquil as your photos show it to be! Lovely!

imp said...

corsage: it's a very lovely rustic place. wonder how long it will last like that. perhaps 15 more years. i want to go back soon!