Monday, October 04, 2010

Indonesian Food Is Preferred

I was really happy to have dinner with the work associates at 6.30pm because that meant I needn't have to waste the entire evening. Of course I had other plans and places to go after hours with the friends.

We're in Jakarta. I'm not eating anything else but Indonesian food and spices. So it was to Pandan Village where the menu was rather extensive. Of course I had my favorite jus alpukat done just right, along with plenty of sambal everything-else. Heh.

Like I suspected, the gurami fish tasted best fried because well, it was deep fried. You'd just taste the oil and pretty much nothing else. This was kinda pan-fried, which resulted in this eeky muddy taste that I didn't quite take to. Thank goodness the vegetables, sayur asem and corn which were good. Whew. It was only after the meal then I realized that there were no red meat or chicken on the table. Woooohoooo.

I ordered alot of sambal. Sambal terasi, sambal pencit, sambal tempe, sambal terong, sambal terasi, sambal brambang....all! Best. Frankly, those and a little bit of rice and corn were enough to prep for a night out at the watering holes where I was given an introduction to the indie scene in Jakarta and got blasted full in the face with the music of the Indonesian indie bands.


JoMel said...

I am drooling at the sayur asem. Truly salivating!! I know what you mean.. I would be so satisfied with just rice and sayur asem + sambal!! Have fun and tell us all about it! :)

celcilia_tjioe said...

On the contrary, I love eating gurami fish due to it's eeky muddy taste! hahaha..
Here in Medan got several eateries serve palatable both fried and grilled gurami.

imp said...

jomel: *happy sigh i love spicy food. :)

celcilia: :( I can't tahan that taste! so it can only be deep fried for me.