Monday, October 04, 2010

On The Plane

When I'm on cattle class, window seats are a big no-no. Aisle seats are preferred just so that I can go pee whenever I want. It's almost always a given that my fellow passengers need to pee less than I do.

I was late in checking-in online and there were no other better choices than the allocated window seat. The system indicated that the 2 seats next to me would be filled. However, when I got on the flight, both seats were somehow empty. YAY. I could plonk all my stuff on the next seats. There, my pseudo business class seat. Heh.

The stewardess gave me a choice of lamb with rice or fish with potatoes. I picked neither. Juice and water would be fine. Jakarta would have lots of options for food. I heard the passenger in front of me ask if it was grilled or roast, and the reply came "roasted". In the end, I realized from the work associates who commented that their lamb appeared as rendang. Alamak. A world of difference between roast lamb and mutton rendang yo.

Since it was a comfortable window seat, I put on my sunnies and merrily stared out at the clouds during take-off. Quite beautiful some of them were. I had a couple of very serene moments with no specific thoughts and just focusing on the shifting cottony shapes. Staring at a bright blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds lifted the spirits loads. It was a good start to October.


tuti said...

have a safe trip!
the bear is hiding somewhere?

imp said...

tuti: i will. thanks! of course the bears are around!

sinlady said...

oh hey! how lucky can you get?!! i don't remember getting extra seats once alliance partnering became the commercial aviation standard.

imp said...

sinlady: only on the odd hour flights i suppose. flights anywhere are still so full all the time.