Thursday, October 21, 2010

It Is A Shark

(Photo courtesy of AT)

Too bad I didn't have time to explore the wet market with the guys. The wet market was still open at 5pm and would only close about 3 hours later. There were also food stalls selling food. We zipped by it in the van a couple of times but we didn't get down. There was time today and it promised to be a fascinating walk. I was busy clearing emails and sneaking out to the friends' house before meeting up with the rest of the people for dinner. I had to pass.

The guys came back with such colorful photos depicting the vibes and a sense of place. AT passed me the camera to scroll through. He took alot of good shots of the market wares, the people and the raw seafood on sale. He offered his SD card for me to upload any photo desired. So sweet! But it was okay; nice to be able to look through.

I just wanted this one of the baby shark. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I knew it was dead. But it didn't look so dead! So with his permission, I lifted the shot off his camera. It looked like a tiger shark. My heart twitched. :(

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