Friday, October 22, 2010

Strolling Around BSB

It’s absolutely refreshing that there’s a dearth of shopping choices in BSB. It’s awesome man. You don’t even have to think about shopping. The brain cells are freed up to consider other entertainment options. We place so much emphasis on tangible material acquisition which is sometimes unnecessary.

I'm so not used to cars stopping to allow me to illegally cross the road in Asia. The first few times cars stopped, I was pleasantly surprised, after which I decided to be law-abiding and used all the pedestrian crossings. While there're flipsides to an unhurried pace of life, at least in BSB, it seems less stressful in terms of lifestyle and deadlines at work. There's something attractive about the quality of life here.

Of course my perception of the country is largely enhanced by the hospitality shown by my personal friends, away and outside of work. I’m so grateful that the friends have shown me generosity when I tire of dealing with inept hotel staff who said they can't do anything about the icy water from the shower and suggested that I scoop water in a small glass from the sink (which has hot water) to bathe, and also insisted on a ridiculous policy when they disallowed a change of room or an upgrade paid out of my own pocket. Murphy really loves me this way. Luckily my friends love me too. They fed me, provided a warm bed, broadband internet access, comfortable air-conditioning and hot showers. *happy sigh

To me, Brunei has so much to offer. Well, I'm a girl who doesn't have to do National Service and therefore have never stepped foot into the jungles of Temburong. I’m rather disappointed that I’m not able to stay the weekend to explore the nature trails and treks further north/south. I’d love for a chance to dive in Brunei's waters too.


sinlady said...

BSB sounds like your kind of vacation place :)

tuti said...

you've got good friends around the globe! :)

imp said...

sinlady: i really wouldn't mind heading back! there're quite a bit of things i can do!

tuti: or what i like to call the fruits of an active youth. :p we're firm friends who met through diving and travelling.

corsage said...

I love the laidbackness of the place compared to Sg. But I was really stressed the last time I was there to attend a wedding and forgot to bring my dress! It was close to impossible finding an evening dress that I liked. Not surprising my Brunian friends come by Sg pretty often to shop!

imp said...

corsage: oh dear. you'll definitely not find a nice dress there! not many choices at all. I was just thinking that i'd like to live in Brunei, then come to SGP to shop! Heh.