Monday, October 25, 2010

This Is My Trolley

One would think that I'm off for a 2-week vacation in Europe and lugging a carton of goodies for the friends and family. No lor. I'm just going to Luang Prabang for meetings. And as far as work trips go, this is the sort where all of us lug like one thousand things in the luggage.

I still love yellow. It's such a happy color. But I'm beginning to dislike this yellow box. It's so cumbersome. It's 18.3kg by the way. I'm not sure exactly what came over the people who packed the gifts for me and think that I'll somehow teleport them over to the destination. Well, I somehow very cleverly teleported the box home. I can lift it quite easily, no issue. Just don't ask me to carry it and walk for like 1km. Anyway, it's all been sorted. Luckily, I won't have to carry the box or my suitcase upon arrival in Luang Prabang.

Such a scary thing to do transit flights. But it's only 1 transit. I must have faith in our national airline and Thailand's. My singular thought when I checked in the box and 1 suitcase- 'never mind if you're late, please arrive at some point in my room'. I think I might have said it out loud, much to the amusement of my colleagues. Contrary to their teasing, the contents in the suitcase and the box are not exactly expendable. :p Technicality, of course.

I'm not too thrilled at the idea of giving away the corporate gifts inside, because it also means that our counterparts will reciprocate. On the way home, I'll still get a yellow box tagging along after me. I hope that the attendees at the meetings won't be carrying this much weight. So please, for the love of sticky rice, don't give me porcelain or glassware as reciprocal items.


tuti said...

hope you're all bright and sunny as the yellow box. saw that you had a fever. :(
safe trip, imp!

sinlady said...

your office and your foreign counterpart all very kek kee hor? haha

imp said...

tuti: i'm much better now. thanks!

sinlady: i also dunno why they so kek kee lor. SIGH. can give SMALLER items wat. DOH.