Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Jaunt To Town

I really dunno how to appreciate Lao coffee. It's like, kopi-o which I don't fancy. Neither am I interested in the breakfast at the hotel. They don't really do it the way I like it. The hosts are too kind and reduced every meal to Chinese stir-fry style without many spices or chilli. As a result, the body had a terrible craving for chilli and a good cup of cappuccino.

My free morning of the week. There needn't be any work done for the day. Bright and early, I went out to town, climbed 300 steps up to Phousy Hill. Many locals were there too. I hopped into 2 temples just to take a look and see what had changed. Then I got hungry enough to eat brunch.

Off I went to Joma Bakery. It's my default eatery in Vientiane and Hanoi. So I'm thrilled to know it's in Luang Prabang too. The fruit and granola parfait of sorts was just lovely. I wanted just scrambled eggs. But they came with toast and bacon anyway. So I ignored the bacon and ate eggs on toast with butter and jam. I figured that lunch could be skipped. Airplane food would be eeky. So I stuffed a croissant down as well. Heh. I asked for a double-shot cappuccino. Oh man, that first mouthful of caffeine tasted like heaven!

I spent a good hour in solitude at the cafe with a coffee, iPod and a magazine. A perfect Saturday morning. I didn't stir till the driver came to remind me that it was time to go back to the hotel to sort out the check-out and head to the airport.


tuti said...

a chillax time!
good that you know how to space yourself on these trips.

imp said...

tuti: we must always chill out in between, otherwise the stress will get to us.