Saturday, November 13, 2010

3 Bands To Charm My Socks Off

There were 3 bands rocking O2 Academy Islington tonight, each with their distinctive traits of alternative rock. The party started real early. I is a sucker- so bought band tees again! Some of the designs are quite nice! Headlining the gig was God Is An Astronaut. The Butterfly Explosion and Caspian opened for them. Squeaking squirrels! It was a fantabulous night.

I was drunk. Not on the pint of Guinness. Drunk on the music. This was a gig I was pretty excited about. After sizzling gigs by Russian Circles and Lunarin, I wasn't sure what else I would be lucky enough to watch that could top them. What do I know? There would be. 3 at that.

The Butterfly Explosion is just so sweet! Very good groove and some heavy sounds in there. Caspian, oh Caspian. Old love. I've always liked them. Heavily layered and tight, their live gigs are a joy to watch. Unexpectedly, we met quite fair number of friends too. Such happiness.

The girlfriends were most inspired by the sounds of God Is An Astronaut. It's the first time I've seen them live. They rocked that stage. The girlfriends asked, "When was the last time we danced together?" They didn't mean 'disco-dancing'. They meant 'real' street dancing, the sort where we see a sequence of movements once and all of us would get it right by the second try. I was like, eons ago man. Someone had the albums. They winked, "Tomorrow. Studio. Let's do it."

Listening to the songs by God Is An Astronaut, I could visualize those steps- the angst, the passion, the pain and the beauty of the lines. We used to dance so often, easily. I've missed that. Okay girls, why not?! I'm game. Bring it on.


sinlady said...

i can't wait to hear all about it!

imp said...

sinlady: one word- exhilarating!