Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Completion Of A Task

There, my job as an intern to the Aunts for the week is done. They were really not shy and ordered me around with a pointed finger. Doh. Oh well. It was quite fun! I've been packing boxes and boxes of medical supplies and checking them against the inventory. There's the data entry and all the nitty gritty logistics. But I can't complain. I volunteered to 'help'. Heh. New things to learn and new skills acquired! So that's me fulfilling my part of the bargain. It's now playtime!

I love hanging out with my girlfriends and Aunts. They reinforce my beliefs, ideals and passions. They live it too. Except that when it comes to the commitment bit, they're way more steadfast than I can ever hope to be. If you think I'm weird, you should meet this bunch of women. They'll eat you alive.

And this is what I want a personal trip to be about. There must always be a point and a meaning to it. Even if I take a vacation to 'do nothing', I assure you, my idea of doing nothing, will still entail some screams, perspiration and blood.

I think I've built some muscles even without doing parkour. I saw people do it at the park. I wanted to join in and move the body! The weather is perfect and the space is brilliant! But there wasn't enough time to do so. BOO. Now, I really need to get to a spa pronto for a massage. Or a chiropractor. My bones are aching.


ice said...

"They reinforce my beliefs, ideals and passions." I love the way you put it imp. Perhaps you could make this your life's assignment.

sinlady said...

sound like strong, assertive women women to me:)
i do the there-must-be-a-point trips these days too.

imp said...

ice: i don't know! i'm still exploring!

sinlady: they're quite annoyingly assertive!