Sunday, November 14, 2010

Oysters At Breakfast

The man loves oysters, all sorts. Today at Borough Market, he went on an oyster rampage. He stopped by Richard Haward's oyster stall and slurped a dozen.

I'm not a fan of oysters. I was more conservative with my breakfast. I stuck to a panini and fish soup. It was 10.30am. My stomach wasn't awake! Then he dragged me off to the Wright Brothers Oyster and Porter House. He wanted an oyster pie. DOH. That stall is immensely popular on the weekends and you'll need reservations to get a table.

I was in the mood for alot of fruits. There were so many beautiful things. Since the Aunts were cooking this weekend, we would contribute fruits. So many colors. Absolutely cheerful. I bought a sackful of figs. I love 'em fresh or dried. 3 for a pound. How to say no?! Compared to what we pay at home weekly for fruits, the variety and prices available in London are just of a higher value.

Of course I had a coffee already. I made the mistake of grabbing it at Borough Market's outlet of Monmouth Coffee. Had to wait for like 15 minutes for my turn. The queue at this outlet on a Saturday is CRAZY. It snakes around the corner and spills onto the road. One would think that they're giving out freebies. The only upside to it, the queue moves fast. Then I also wanted fresh fruit juices. They're amazing. Cold-pressed. No additional sugar, of course. I drank so much of it! Like 3 cups. Yummy. I marvel at the abundance of freshly squeezed juice in this city.

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