Sunday, November 14, 2010

I'll Miss Her When She Passes

We went out to Aunt E's for tea and wine. It is always a pleasure to chat with her. Her mind is still so sharp. I enjoy her wit and rather opinionated observations of UK's politics and social ills. The man likes to talk to her about the local council and also of the various members of the family. The man and her reminisced about the blitz torte that was his granny's specialty.

Aunt E still thinks that I should be able to cook, bake and sew. She wonders at how that could have been missed out from my education. I cheekily told her that's because they wanted me to acquire debutante skills so that a roomful of handmaidens might aid me do all these. I told her that I've somehow ended up with skills to change lightbulbs, mow the lawn and build her a chair.

Then she asked me what I would do if my daughter needs party frocks. should have been there to hear how deft I was at not answering that question and avoiding the topic. I don't have the heart to tell her that since a little girl, I've never wanted any little ones of my own and now, having children is not on the agenda.

It was a rather warm afternoon. (I can't believe that I think 9 degreesC is warm!) I usually have my tea black. But this afternoon, I decided to add some milk and drink it the way she does. I skipped the sugar though. She takes 2 spoonfuls of sugar! Too sweet! The milk sorta sweetened it already.

All too soon, it was time to leave. I was reluctant to say goodbye, because it could be forever, especially when I don't know when I will next visit. And I certainly hope it will not be for the purpose of attending her funeral.


Dawn said...

It's sweet that you've gotten so fond of Aunty E and she's become your Aunty too :)

PS - how about being able to change lightbulbs AND bake? :)

imp said...

dawn: she's very sweet. i like old people. :p and no! you're not sneaking that one pass me!