Monday, November 15, 2010

Chez Bruce

I've always liked the choices of sparkling and still water in London. However, there's a marked increase in San Pellegrino dominating the lower-end eateries in Mayfair and Piccadilly Circus. Needless to say, I'm always thrilled if a restaurant stocks up on water from Speyside Glenlivet. I adore that crisp tinge in the water.

We went out to Chez Bruce for an easy meal. Between a 1-hour car ride and a 40-minute train ride to Wandsworth Common, we caved and took the car. We weren't about to brave the tube and the train at peak hour. I rather walk. The traffic jams aren't so terrible. I prefer to sit in the quiet comfort of a car where I won't be pissed off by annoying humans.

It's just, friggin' crowded shoving bad. You'll be squashed face to armpit, not unlike our trains at peak hours. It's suffocating. In winter, the cold makes it slightly better, not so stinky from leftover food spills and unknown stains. But in summer, those trains are like ovens man. One could just faint from heatstroke. The Underground and overland rail in Londontown are just unfriendly to young children, parents with strollers, the disabled and the elderly. I mean, you can get on it, but it'll be a harrowing experience.

Anyway, Chez Bruce was nice. See those breaded blobs below, with a dash of tartare sauce? They were the starters of calf's brains ordered by the man. On the same plate, there were pig trotters served on salad. He loved them and ate them up with much relish. I went "EIIIIIIIII"!

My starter was boring risotto bianco. But it wasn't plain. Very well done, as expected of any restaurant of this standard. We ordered much more 'normal' fare for the mains. Our mains came very prettily garnished. Plaice with Jerusalem artichoke puree and prosciutto. There was also a crisp fillet of seabass on olive oil mash, provencale brochettes and gremolata! The mains were thoroughly enjoyable.

There were dessert that came along with the 3-course meal. But I didn't fancy them. Overly sweet, as usual. The man's crostillant au chocolat was fine, but laden with sugar. The mango sorbet was almost like ice-cream and so so sweet. Quite eeky. It was quite a nasty surprise to find out on the first spoonful that it wasn't a light refreshing sorbet. The maître d' asked if there was anything wrong with my dessert. I said yes- it was too sweet and too creamy for a sorbet. He looked mortified. :p


blobber78 said...

food looks yummy =) btw drinking bottled water is not very eco friendly... hehe =)

imp said...

blobber78: i'm totally not eco friendly in London! I drink bottled water all the time!