Monday, November 15, 2010

A Spot Of Tea

Some of the girls like macarons. But they prefer the crunchier texture of Pierre Hermé. Since they're not too keen to go through all the trouble of baking macarons, they'll settle for the colorful blobs from Ladurée.

We're not big fans of the food at Ladurée. It's overpriced and while it doesn't suck, it's clear that the kitchen is inexperienced. My black truffle omelette was nearly swimming in olive oil. That should not be the case. But each time we meet, someone will invariably need to run errands, and that means, the Ladurée cafe at Harrods is the most convenient venue. So I've always had to sit at this cafe and have one bite of their food and desserts.

Their desserts are better than their food. Since I'm not big on desserts, I don't really care what is placed in front of me. They will never have apple-anything anyway. Scones and jam will usually be my choice. I'm quite happy to stick to piping hot tea. They serve a fairly decent brew of lapsang souchong. So that's alright.

I don't just see these girls once in a while. We're perpetually on the email and skype. And of course Twitter and through their blogs. I'm just damn happy to know that like me, they hate facebook. I've virtually no use for my fb account except when I want to spout propaganda. I've known them all my life, and we've kinda stuck together, quirks, tantrums, fights and all. They're a fun bunch to hang out with. Bitchy too. Muahahahaha. But somehow, we've kinda grown closer in spite of the differences. I like that.


corsage said...

Is that a pearl ring I spy? Looks lovely!

imp said...

corsage: i took a closer look at the tiny photo and realized it does look like a pearl ring! no leh, it's a diamond ring. click on photo to see if a bigger image helps? hmmmm. i just clicked on my own image! doesn't help too much! k. next time i put bigger bytes!