Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Easy Moments At Lantana

Of course I'll stop by Lantana Cafe for coffee and food. I spent many happy moments there with a cup of flat white and a book or a magazine. Now, the cafe has 2 shops side by side. One for eating in, and the other for take-outs. How awesome.

At breakfast, I picked up a quarterly from Fire and Knives, and laughed my head off at its articles. There was an amazingly good article 'Food 24' by Seb Emina. It was all about Jack Bauer and his non-eating in all its seasons. As quoted from the article, "He will say 'Damn it' 118 times, but he will only eat one meal." I'm going to go home and do exactly what the author did- open up my Season 1 and check for the one and only scene where Jack Bauer eats. The other breakfast scene in Season 5 isn't counted because he doesn't eat.

I always like going in at the off-peak timings. It'll have plenty of people, but at least it won't be too crowded and I needn't feel guilty about occupying a space by the window for an hour. It's kinda simple to just read, sip a coffee and think about nothing in particular. I like this feeling. It's very different from how I felt in 2009 at this same spot where the mood was more than pensive. I like the current mood so much better.

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