Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Half My Xmas Shopping Is Done!

As far as Christmas crackers go, I don't like to buy them nor pull them unless the contents are interesting. There's no point wasting money to get cheesy whistles and corny party masks of poor quality, only to be thrown away at the end of the evening.

Still, crackers are Christmassy. And they're good gifts to get for Aunts and girlfriends who will be hosting Christmas dinners in UK, NYC, Vancouver and Singapore. I like the range of biscuits and puddings at some shops in London. Even if the retailer guarantees it, I'm iffy about mailing over glass, bone china and porcelain. But foodstuff and other non-perishable kitchenware are always do-able.

Fortnum & Mason stocks some amazing Christmas supplies. I love browsing in their stores. So I found my Christmas gift ideas for half of the list. In addition to the Christmas puddings, I'm sending loved ones festive crackers, kitchen towels, linen and tea cloths. Heeee.

I'm almost embarrassed to tell you that I spent 2 hours at the store picking out items for Christmas hampers and handing over the list of addresses for shipping purposes. That's the pure convenience of their Christmas services. It's a bit hard to do it when I'm in Singapore. I've done it via emails and all, but it's just more of a pleasure to be here in person to do so. There's something about the Christmassy vibe that makes me want to linger at drool over the displays.

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