Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Gate And Its Fabulous Food

I made time to go to The Gate. It's one of my all-time favorite restaurants in London- unpretentious hearty food at reasonable prices. Best of all, their menu speak to my heart and I really enjoy eating there.

Again, I don't know why there're such bad reviews about this eatery. Perhaps so, but my experiences have been positive. It was so last December and it's still good now. I asked the friends and they gave it the thumbs-up too. So gasp! We've no complaints about anything.

A deceptively simple dinner at The Gate can be shared by 4 persons who are small eaters. The restaurant puts together uniquely Asian and Mediterranean flavors in their menu. They've toned down the spicy chilli a little, but when I requested for the kitchen to tank up the chilli in my linguine at lunch, they merrily did so. It was fantastic.

With the friends at dinner, we shared all food. By the time we were done with the starter of a mezze platter, we were a tad full. Mains were tasty carbs. Oh yummy goodness. We shared the tortillas which came in 4 huge happy pieces. Each was a meal already! Then there was a pasta of penne tossed in onions, courgettes, peppers and not-so-spicy-chilli and topped with cheese.

The juices killed us all. We each had 2 glasses of juice. Mine was a fabulous thick combination of pear and raspberry. We were STUFFED. Clearly, we couldn't put in anything else for dessert. Not till we did some walking, and by then, we hit Soho and felt like a beer, rather than something sweet. An ale for half of us and a pint of Guinness for the rest rounded up the night rather satisfactorily.

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