Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Chinese Restaurants In London

I've very little tolerance for Chinese food in London. I come from a country with tons of Chinese restaurants. Why would I want to try Chinese food elsewhere unless it's in Shanghai or Hong Kong? I'm not a real foodie this way. All I eat will be the soup, fish, vegetables and porridge. Besides, I've given my heart to Lung King Heen.

But I do make concessions for one or two Chinese meals each trip. More often than not, our hosts will automatically assume we miss our Chinese food and rice, and will insist on taking us to Chinese restaurants for lunch. lor. If I'm at the dim sum table, I'll be thinking of bread, cheese and tomatoes. Oh well, some of the hosts like the food, I won't be fussy about it. I spend most of the meals in conversation rather than actual ingesting of dim sum. One can't deny that Chinese food is easy because it pleases most people in most cultures. Default food, almost.

With this trip, we've completed the grand tour of London's Chinese restaurants which are in the vogue. Royal China at Canary Wharf, China Tang, Hakkasan, Pearl Liang, and now Yauatcha. I don't know how to speak more about the food. They're edible, for sure. But they don't blow my mind. They meet the table's expectations at each meal. And clearly, these restaurants are a breath of fresh air from their dodgy cousins at Leicester Square and Bayswater. Service is much more pleasant.

The one thing I look forward to having at these restaurants is their tea. The selection of tea is wide and they come properly brewed and served in delicate teacups and teapots. Over the course of a meal, I can have 3 different types of teas- the light ones to start, the medium bodied to match the flavors of the food and a small strong cup to complete the meal.

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