Thursday, November 18, 2010

Picking Up Stuff

I swung by Hermès to pick up items that arrived after we ordered it a couple of months earlier. The London boutiques and outlets at Selfridges and Harrods are always not stocking enough things to choose. I think they're making it 'exclusive' for whatever reason. But we get around it.

The friends told me to saunter over to Paris to pick up whatever I need. I could, but I'm not inclined to. As you can see, I'm not very fond of Paris. The friends who are living there, can't wait to get away to the other cities on the weekends. I suppose I can say the same for London. It's not very attractive after a while. It's a city to work in for sure, but not so much to stay week after week after week. It gets dreary. But the good thing is, there're things to do outside the city. So it makes it palatable. Brighton, Devon, Exeter, Reading, Cornwall and all are just a scenic drive away.

Now that Hermès has a new shareholder, I'm not sure what this would mean in terms of design, texture and quality of their products. The conglomerate that just bought into them is known for being adventurous. And that is the last thing I want to see in its designs next spring or most likely, summer's debut. I like them designs boring and almost conservative. Sort of like timeless classics, if you will.

Meanwhile, I'll just stock up on the items that are pleasing to the eye currently. I'm curious about its future designs, but not too excited about it. We'll see. The sales executives were a little mortified when I told them to squash 2 or better still, 3 items into one box. Hey, they can be squeezed! I'm not going to lug 3 boxes when 1 will do. It makes for easier shipping.


supercoati said...

Sigh....the day the Mr Arnault acquires more shares (so underhanded :() is the day I stop shopping at Hermes.

imp said...

supercoati: i know. i'm VERY suspicious of what this group will do to Hermes. I'm not liking what they've done to the rest.