Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Last Few Cups At Flat White

Monmouth Coffee isn't a place to sit down and enjoy a cuppa. It's somewhere I'll do coffee to-go, especially if I'm in a rush. Much easier than squeezing into its cramped and crowded space. But at Flat White, it's much more comfortable to do breakfast, or lunch. I don't care either way. The same food works for me.

On a rainy, cold and windy morning, I made the miserable wet trek to Flat White and was amply rewarded with a fantastic brew and toasties. Isn't a tad ironic that this brew from Australia and New Zealand is taking over Londontown? It's excellent! See my cheese toasties today? They had been sliced sharp and thin!

It'll be time to leave soon. While I've stocked up on the coffee beans, flat white will never taste the same at home. It's been a fabulous time at these cafes. I like spending time alone, or with the friends. Each visit is a unique experience. They're all wonderful in different ways.

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