Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Defend Shite Food?

Do not ask me why I would have photos of a McD's burger and a strange colored dish of octopus in a Chinese restaurant. These are food placed on the table not by my choice. At least McD's is unpretentious about it. It's not too apologetic about its junk food. I rather have a McD's burger anyday in any city compared to bluff-tourist food. At least I know precisely the standard of a burger. How's that for a brand promise?

We were rushing about and post-theatre West End, there was nothing much to eat. Boo. So one time, it was fast food at McD's. Crap, but it's like, whatever, fine. My fish fillet didn't taste better than the ones at home. Same old same old. It's intriguing how McD's in NYC, LA, Sydney and Melbourne taste the best among all cities. Feel free to disagree.

I don't understand these eateries at Chinatown. It isn't just about their oily floors. It's about how unhygienic they are. I mean, we all know right? At some point in uni thereabouts, we had popped into London and ate at this notable one and got shouted at. I bloody hate eateries in Chinatown. The MSG-laden food is shite man. Never mind the other eateries at Bayswater, namely Queensway. I hate those with a vengeance.

The one visit to this Chinese place at Leicester Square at about 11.30pm annoyed the beeejezus out of me. They didn't do porridge. At least they had fishball noodles which I didn't take much because of the heavy tint of MSG in the soup. Then I saw lots of unhygienic acts involving the servers' hands while serving the customers' food and drinks. I haven't walked into a single sanitary eatery at Leicester Square. Thinking about their kitchens make my stomach churn. The place is gross, gross-er and gross-iest.

The table had to order this octopus thingy. I didn't know if it was preserved or marinated or whatever. It tasted alot like it had been soaked in red vinegar. Wah lau eh. YUCKS. I had a piece and spat it out. It was just, gross. To be fair, our table didn't finish it. OEH! WHOSE BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO ORDER THIS?

I haven't even started on the crap they serve at tourist traps, lousy pubs and useless sidewalk cafes. I couldn't help giggling at the article I read the other day written by Bryce Elder. So in defence of shite food, I don't think there's much to defend, even if you reject it. One eatery will close, and another will open. It's all about the economies of scale. Cheap food = cheap ingredients = bad eateries. People still pay to eat it.


sinlady said...

i totally believe you about Chinatown eateries. i am also always amazed that there are still people to bluff.

imp said...

sinlady: thankfully, there're other good restaurants, elsewhere. will do a post on that later!

kikare said...

Unrelated but I don't know where to post this: Saw your tweet, saw the new header photo. Thanks babe :)

imp said...

kikare: heeeeeee.