Saturday, November 06, 2010

A Glass Of Wine At Tate Modern

On a rainy day, a good portion of it was spent indoors wandering through all levels of Tate Modern. Lunch and tea were good things to look forward to at its cafes. Though not a wine person, I wasn't about to turn down an easy glass of pinot blanc today.

This must be a popular tourist season in London. There were so many people in the cafes and in the exhibitions spaces. The queues for both cafes were so long. Luckily we made reservations way in advance and easily secured our desired table in a most strategic corner.

On the other floors of the museum, there were other exhibitions and I wandered through the works of artists on Surrealism. I was rather taken by Eileen Agar's 'Marine Object' done in 1939. The display caption indicated that using part of a Greek amphora, bits of crustaceans, flotsam and ram's horn, all sourced from different venues and times, the artist defined this as a 'conjunction' put across in mixed media.

I like the lull in between checking out the exhibitions. There's time to contemplate and ponder. It's not exactly about engaging everyone in a discussion about the work. Not necessarily so. It's also about the company of like-minded friends, to chill out and then remember different perspectives about one artwork that each is drawn to. Most interesting. Then, there's the museum gift shop of which I'm a total sucker for. They always have such fun stuff to buy!


tuti said...

may i deviate and tell you how great you look in that tee.

imp said...

tuti: danke! must wrap up in warm clothes!