Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lunch At Borough Market

We are going to Aunt E's tomorrow and the man decided he would cook lunch. He wanted to stuff and roast a chicken, along with a salad, polenta and do vegetable tian for me. We could have just popped into the nearest Waitrose or Sainsbury's. But why do that when Borough Market is so much more exciting?

So we trundled to Borough Market in the afternoon to stock up on supplies. We had our very late lunch here too. I zoomed in straight to the stall selling giant beans. Then it was to the soup stall for a yummy wild mushroom soup. Avoided the desserts. Too much sugar in there and honestly, they have never been very good. They just look delicious in the photos.

The man had a chicken soup that he swore was surprisingly non-stinky and yummy. I couldn't be persuaded to try. But yes, the chicken here doesn't stink the way ours do at home. There's something about the smell that I can identify a mile away. Like I said, there's a HUGE difference in the taste of free range meat versus those which aren't. I can discern it best in its eggs when I have it raw, side by side. I LOVE raw eggs.

Then he went off to have a buffalo burger! It was definitely healthier than beef, I suppose. But placed in a burger, it didn't look very much different. The man thought he wouldn't be able to distinguish it from beef, except that the buffalo patty he had seemed drier than most beef patties. o_O


tuti said...

Aunt E, the sweet aunt who bakes lovely cakes? :)

imp said...

tuti: she's one of the many Aunts here who bake very well. :)