Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pub Grub At The Well

It seemed apt to spend Saturday night for drinks and pub grub. But we weren't keen to join in the madness at Soho or Covent Garden. I'm not fond of the area actually. It's just......eeeeeky. I prefer to go a little off central London to somewhere quieter and a little more laidback.

We arranged dinner with a friend who doesn't live in Londontown, but went out of her way to meet us at The Well. It's a sister outlet of the glamorous The Botanist at Sloane Square. She was so sweet to worry that the location would be out of the way for us, but hey, we aren't strangers to London. Have tube app on iPhone, will travel. :p It's not difficult to get to anywhere, really. It's more of a hassle for her to detour and by the time we were done with dinner, to head home late.

That pint of Guinness was MINE. I NO LIKE beer. Guinness is the closest thingy to beer that I will settle for at pubs, next to a simple whisky. Okay, it's a stout. Whatever. The point is, many pubs in London stock Lagavulin 16 y.o and Oban 14 y.o, at VERY CHEAP prices. Like at £4 a dram. *sigh

Finally, I got fish and chips here. I've been craving for it but somewhere, dinners have always been fancier than plain ole fish and chips. Great to finally have it tonight. I love it that the beer battered fish they use here is either plaice or haddock. Awesome. I tried to ask for chilli sauce. But they only had tabasco. At that point in time, I kinda wished that I had a secret bottle of chilli sauce tucked in the bag, or a packet of McD's garlic chilli sauce. Heh.

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