Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Got Watch Gig Is Better Than None

As much as the idea of staying in on a cold windy night was much more attractive than going through the whole pain of layering the coats to roam the streets, I allowed myself to be dragged out to catch Tokyo Police Club at Heaven. It's located so centrally that I've got no excuse not to go. So I bundled up into a silly dumpling parka (specially for gigs), pulled on woolly Uggs and took a long walk down the road to the venue.

The friends weren't impressed by the band when they opened for The New Pornographers in Baltimore last month. I'm half and half about their music, so watching them in London isn't a priority. Not when heading to the cinema sounds like a better option! But a night in London ought not to be wasted. We could simply grab a beer and call it a night out.

There're shows and there're gigs. This is clearly a gig. Tonight, Tokyo Police Club played it as straightforward as it could be. I'm not charmed. There is no charisma present that could make me swoon. It's almost like, watching a band do a really really serious jam. imho, they sound better on the cd.

I hate the lighting guys. The first half of the gig lit up okay. The second half went crazy with the strobe lighting. WTF is wrong with the lighting team?! Too lazy to organize it otherwise? I can't believe they would think the flashing blinding whiteness is brilliance? Whatever. We didn't stay for the encore set.


Dawn said...

Were there over enthusiastic girls in the front row??

imp said...

dawn: I've no idea! I was all the way at the back. But it appears that they've a fan base here. Every other person was DANCING. Not a big venue though. Free standing. Maybe about 500pax tops.