Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Greek Food At Andreas

There're plenty of choices for Greek food in Londontown. You could have it fast-food style, chain-franchise sort, or sit down at a proper restaurant.

After a heavy work day of meetings and catered crap food at lunch, the man wanted something hearty. We picked the conveniently located Andreas Restaurant. It's one of his favorites. They've got some solid hummus and grill. Apparently, the grilled octopus is really good. It's a casual restaurant and I could saunter in decked out in a sweater, jeans and Wellies on the feet without having to head back to change into something dressier for dinner.

The good thing about Greek food- it could be shared by a full table of finicky eaters with different dietary preferences. The mini mezze platter wasn't at all tiny! It came with dips, hot and cold selections. Very filling and satisfying. The menu is substantial. Plenty of vegetarian options, and loads of hearty meat choices. The man went to town with the braised lamb and grilled chicken liver. He spent a long time lovingly chewing on each grain of the Greek rice, of which he proclaimed it as the best sort for soaking up gravy. Ummm.....wouldn't couscous or risotto have the same effect?! :p

The man decided to be chatty tonight and talked about his day at work. He was rather pleased with a presentation. Well, I'm happy that he's happy. We rarely talk about work to each other this way. Once we're done with the work day, we focus our energies on the other aspects of life and living. We try not to let work stuff affect this part of our lives. So when we do talk about work, it's the barest minimum- no more than 5 sentences, and it would be to seek the other's opinions on any given matter. The proposed solution might not be accepted either way, but it's good to hear another perspective. So his happiness tonight is restricted to 5 spoken lines. Heh.


Pebbles said...

Keke! 5 spoken lines...

- Work was crap.
- The fella is making things difficult.
- I am pissed.
- How many meetings?
- My colleague is dumb.

Wahahaha! I is very hard to deal with only 5 lines...

sinlady said...

greek or any mediterranean food is usually a good choice :)

imp said...

pebbles: heh. add some commas and the lines get extended a little bit!

sinlady: always! it's a welcome cuisine anytime.