Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Today Belongs To Cute Animals

Thankfully, the day began clear and sunny. Geared up and headed out bright and early for a group hack. Brrrr! Though I was all bundled to the neck, the cold and the breeze were bracing! But it's really pleasant riding weather.

It was perfect that one of the girls was looking to adopt a cat. So after lunch, I had an excuse to return to the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home at Battersea Park. They've an exhibition about their 150th Anniversary and various centennial milestones down at City Hall from 8 - 12 November 2010, but I've got no time to go, even though it's really near Borough Market. :)

Understandably, the Home doesn't allow photography by the general public. You can check out their website for the animals up for re-homing. However, we're welcome to stay for as long as we like, so long we don't disturb the animals.

The kennels, well, smell like kennels. Each dog has a large space to call his own. These can't be called large cages at all. It's a proper narrow room, suitable for even for a big dog to jump about. The dogs had chew toys and blankets. They were so friendly and wanted to play! There's a black Lab-Retriever mix who's really quite cool. But the kennels were oh, so noisy! The kennels are totally rambunctious! After a while, I retreated to the outer areas.

The new indoor cattery is BEAUTIFUL. It's housed in the round building with glass panels, a spiral staircase and curved corridors. It's like a cat hotel! Cats, being cats, smell better and the area is so much quieter. Whew. Each cat has a really big space to his or her own. Some who came to the Home together, share a space which has clawing posts, snoozing corners, toys and all. Each room has a glass window that allows the sun to shine in. How very lovely! The friend didn't manage to connect with any cat, and will have to come back next week. There is this cat which caught my eye. It's a she, I think. She's gorgeous, well groomed, healthy and clearly contented. She's quite a sweetie! But her sign simply read "I've found a home!" and doesn't give details about her name or anything. I swore the cat smiled at me.

I bought colorful leather bookmarks from the Home as a memento. I love bookmarks! And I know they'll go to good homes with the friends who love reading as much as I do and will utilize them to the max. :)


Dawn said...

Awwww! How sweet!

imp said...

dawn: you're scary. how can you, at first notice, know i just wrote a post, and read it?!!! AHHHHHH! gotch a bookmark for ya too. tell me which color u want.

Dawn said...